The CTA wants to see a referee in the First Division

One of the issues that has been addressed Luis Medina Cantalejo has had women’s arbitration as the protagonist. Because the great objective of this arbitration establishment is that, before they leave, there is a referee in the First Division and that this “is a natural act and it is not news that there is a woman in the First Division.”

The idea is to “start making a real selection” where they gain experience and when they stand out they will make the leap. In addition, these college girls will be “a mirror for a lot of girls”. It is a “priority and whoever deserves it will be there”.

louis medina He has insisted that it is a “question of the project, in which one believes”. In order to reach the elite you “have to pass physical tests, tests of the rules and on the field of play. Our referees had to get their act together in a matter of months when the Iberdrola League”.

That is why he is committed to this promotion as they “gain the experience in the categories. As they stand out, it will come.” And when they arrive, according to Medinawill receive the same criticism from the referees: “At first we will be good and condescending with them, but then you will give it to them.”

He doesn’t think the speed of the game is a problem: “The speed of the game works against them, but they have many tools for them to achieve it.”

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