‘The Crown’, the most feared chapters in Buckingham: the stormy divorce of Carlos and Diana arrives on Netflix

Isabel II said that 1992 had been her “annus horribilis”. The separation of the princes of Wales was joined by the breakup of Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the divorce of Anne and the fire at Windsor Castle. What he didn’t know is that the headaches had only just begun. The disagreements lasted several years, the darkest for the British monarchy, which are those that are told in the fifth season of the acclaimed The Crown which Netflix releases on Wednesday.

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The series returns two months after the death of the Queen and the accession to the throne of Carlos III. In this context, it becomes especially uncomfortable for Buckingham to go back to remembering the stormy nineties that put The Firm in check and that ended when Diana lost her life in an accident. That sequence, which will not be seen until the sixth season, is the one that was being recorded when Elizabeth II died.

Filming was paralyzed for a month and a half and has just resumed in Barcelona, ​​where the streets of Paris have been recreated. They say that the exact moment in which the car hit the column of the Pont de l’Alma that August 31, 1997 will not be seen. They will show the persecution of the press through the streets of the French capital. Reviving it on television has drawn heavy criticism. He is “sadistic and evil”, a friend of the princess has said.

interview of the century

Before that time comes, what now worries the royal family has to do with what happened between 1992 and 1997, five years that exposed the cracks in Buckingham after it became known that the princes’ relationship was broken and that Carlos (Dominic West) was with Camilla Parker Bowles, today the queen consort. Diana’s strategy (Elizabeth Debicki takes over from Emma Corrin) was added to the constitutional crisis, leaving Elizabeth II out of the game, who in the fifth season of The Crown is run by Imelda Staunton, successor to Claire Foy and Olivia Colman.

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The princess took control of her life, projected her public figure and led the story of her stormy personal situation. She even spoke for the BBC in the so-called ‘interview of the century’ (1995), a controversial appearance for which the network recently apologized. That The Crown has rescued this controversial passage for its new chapters has unleashed tensions. They even assure that it would have provoked the anger of Prince William.