Risto, excited about a ‘second’ Laura Escanes: “She is a fairly young girl who would have met on Instagram”

Laura Scanes y Risto Mejide, who announced their separation on September 25, do not waste time. While the influencer already lives with the singer Alvaro de Lunathe publicist would be excited about another young woman whom, like Laura, he would also have met through social networks.

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“His friends talk happily that he has started an incipient relationship with a fairly young girl and that he would have met on Instagram,” Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa assured on their podcast on Wednesday. In this way, the presenter of Cuatro, 47, would forget the mother of his daughter Roma, 26, with another young woman of whom no further details are known at the moment.

Risto and Laura announced their separation on networks on September 25 (with a countdown included in stories). Her story has been lived on networks and she was fired on Instagram: “As someone once said, it was eternal while it lasted. I only hope that we are as good an ex as we have been as a couple. That we each know how to find the life we ​​want. And above all everything, thank you for making me Pope of Rome,” he wrote.

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They put an end to their relationship after seven years, three months and twenty-four days. From the first moment they faced criticism for the age difference between the two and made the hashtag #toelrato popular with which they expressed their love. In 2017 they married before the watchful eyes of more than 400 guests and gave birth to their only daughter together in October 2019.

Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna

In lectures y The newspaper it was published that the trigger for the great marriage crisis was Mister Jägger, a youtuber with whom Laura would have had more than a friendship months before their separation. Between Mister Jägger and the official announcement of the breakup, the 28-year-old Sevillian singer Álvaro de Luna appeared, with whom the young model would already be living on the outskirts of Madrid, according to Week.