The craziest summer of Albert Rivera: from the actress who eats his ear to the designer with whom he snogs on a yacht

The ex of Ciudadanos is unleashed. After breaking up with Malú, the mother of his second daughter, Albert Rivera He is enjoying the summer to the fullest and he is doing it in the best company. First, that of the actress Aysha Daraui, who literally ate her ear in the middle of a dip in the Mediterranean during her vacation in Ibiza. Now, that of a designer and instagramer with whom he stars on the cover of the magazine Week.

According to Rivera’s entourage, this statuesque blonde with whom he made out on a yacht a few days ago is the person who has restored his illusion after his sentimental bump with Malú. They insist that Aysha is just a friend and thus explain Rivera’s anger with the media when the first images came out: he feared that they would spoil his incipient relationship with the designer.