The CPE will have a new headquarters in Madrid


The Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) announced this Friday that it will have a new headquarters in Madrid after reaching an agreement with the General Treasury of Social Security, with which it has signed the deed of transfer of some premises in the Spanish capital, according to a statement from the entity.

The new CPE headquarters will be located on Santa Cruz de Marcenado Street, number 4, in Madrid. Through this deed, the agency dependent on the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration transfers to the CPE free of charge and for a period of 20 years the premises located in the Madrid district of Centro, with a total area of ​​1,047 square meters.

The property is located in the unique Princesa Building, designed by architect Fernando Higueras. The new offices and central institutional headquarters of the CPE will house the work and management team of the entity, which currently carries out its work in offices provided by the Higher Sports Council in the building of this organization, in addition to spaces for interdisciplinary services. of the CPE, as well as meeting and event rooms, open to the Paralympic movement in general.

Therefore, it will be the first time that the CPE has its own headquarters since its creation in 1995. The entity expects the new facilities to come into operation within a period of “just over a year.” A period in which “the necessary remodeling works will be carried out on the premises.”

“The entity chaired by Miguel Carballeda greatly appreciates the Government of Spain, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration and the General Treasury of Social Security for the transfer of the aforementioned property, which allows the CPE to realize a desired aspiration of having a own and dignified headquarters,” the entity celebrated.