The condolences of Juan Carlos I on the death of María Teresa Campos: “Poor thing, a hug, I remember a lot”

Brief, fast and elusive. Don Juan Carlos is not very talkative. The Emeritus King is located on the British Isle of Wight, the world sailing event for this month of September. There in the port, about to embark on the Bribón 500, they have asked him about María Teresa Campos, who died this Tuesday, September 5 at dawn.

Don Juan Carlos participates in this regatta competition off the English south coast, off the city of Southampton, accompanied by his daughter Elena, who is very close to him.

Upon arrival at the port, they asked him about María Teresa Campos so that he could send a message of condolences to the Campos family and say a few words about the figure of the great journalist, renewer of morning television magazines. “Poor thing, a very strong hug. I remember a lot.” It has been her tribute before the microphones of The summer program.