The complicated situation of Silvia Bronchalo: she barely speaks with Daniel and feels ignored by Rodolfo Sancho

She was the first to fly to Thailand to be with the Spanish chef, imprisoned for the alleged murder of Edwin Arrieta last August. However, as the days passed, Silvia Bronchalo has faded into the background to the point of ‘disappearing’. He hasn’t visited for weeks. Daniel and only talks to him sporadically. The reason? A strong argument and a definitive family breakup.

We already anticipated that Silvia Bronchalo did not support her ex’s decisions, Rodolfo Sancho, relating to the judicial situation of his son. The former actress, who is now dedicated to the real estate business, fears that the line of defense of Garcia Montes and company is too aggressive and puts the life of his son at risk, who could be sentenced to capital punishment. This is what he made known to the protagonist of Sea of ​​Plastic in the first days. According to 20 minutesthe conversation led to a strong argument that caused an absolute breakup between the two.

Faced with such a situation, Daniel Sancho had to choose between dad or mom, and the first one won. The young man, accused of murdering and dismembering the Colombian surgeon, gave powers to his father so that he would be the one to make all the decisions related to the case, something that his mother did not like at all.

According to the aforementioned media, Silvia Bronchalo’s situation is very painful and complicated: she feels ignored by her ex-husband, who does not involve her in important decisions regarding the defense of her son, and also rejected by Daniel himself, with the who has spoken in recent weeks only on sporadic occasions.

Three lawyers in 106 days

Daniel entered provisional prison on August 7, after confessing to having murdered Edwin Arrieta and dismembering him to hide his pieces in different parts of the island. Last Monday he went to court, where the judge read the crimes of which he is accused: premeditated murder, concealment of a corpse and destruction of private documentation. He only admitted the second. Daniel defends that he did not plan to kill the Colombian, but that there was a strong argument between them and, in the struggle, he fell and hit his head.

This is the line of defense in which their Spanish lawyers work and which the third Thai lawyer offered by the prosecution has already rejected. The first withdrew from the case due to media pressure, the second was fired by Daniel himself and The third rejected the order on Monday the 13th, as soon as he was appointed. Once again, the Spanish prisoner is without official defense in Thailand and awaiting trial, where he can only be assisted by a national lawyer.