The comparison for the Morata pool and a penalty in a Classic

The anti-madridismo of Movistar Soccer and his commentators. While it is usual for the latter to disqualify players from Real Madrid and even afford to joke about them. The last anecdote has been the comparison of a user of Twitter between the possible penalty last Saturday to Morata and another possible maximum penalty to Christian in a Classic.

Once again, and many go, the trio of culés de Movistar Plus they have brought to light their little objectivity when they have in front of the Real Madrid. The three tenors of the old plus distill antimadridismo and Barcelona on all four sides. Several seasons ago, in a Classic of League, Mascherano made a clear penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo and from the cabin commented that “Penalty is requested, referee says no, get up. What match, how does the Classic. We recover this fall from Christian and as always interpretable. ” (The painful message of Morata after the derby that leaves evidence)

However, this Saturday they allowed themselves the luxury of fully giving their opinion on the controversial action between Morata and Casemiro “Ugh looks like a penalty. For me penalty, he puts his arm. ” Carlos Martínez, Michael Robinson and Maldini They are quite known for their hatred of everything that means success for Real Madrid and on social networks they are already quite openwork. Many Real Madrid players usually bet on the white club's own narration.

Criminal CR: “Penalty is requested, referee says no, above get up” “What game” “How the classic is put” “We recover this fall of CR” “As always interpretable”

Tropiezo Morata: “Uuff seems criminal” “For me criminal” “puts his arm”

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– Rafa RNMJ (@rafa_rnmj) February 2, 2020