Super Bowl, live: Kansas City Chiefs – San Francisco 49ers

Welcome to the live broadcast of the 2020 Super Bowl, the grand finale by the title of the NFL to face at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami at Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. In addition, in the always awaited rest, we will have the performances of Shakira Y Jennifer Lopez


Incredible comeback of the Kansas City team, led by a great Patrick Mahomes. They were losing 11 at the start of the last quarter and with a 21-0 they have turned the scoreboard to win the Super Bowl.


SPECTACULAAAR! The Chiefs started with ten points in the last quarter and will finish it with 30! What barbarity, what attack. This time Mahomes leaving the ball to the running back Williams, who avoided the tackle of the San Francisco defense and placed his second touchdown of the night. 31-20 for Kansas City … 21-0 in the last quarter.


4:00 – Lose the San Francisco ball and you may have finished this!

Other bad attacks of the 49ers, bad attack of Garoppolo in the passes and loss of possession of San Francisco. The Chiefs may have won the Super Bowl. They have possession and there is one minute and 20 seconds left.

3:50 – Touchdown of the Chiefs! 24-20 for Kansas City.

We have polmica … Pass from Mahomes to Williams and the player gets the touchdown, although there are doubts if he steps off the field before passing with the ball on the line … The referees have reviewed it and have given the touchdown.

3:44 – MAHOMES!

What a pass from Mahomes to Watkins that places the Chiefs near the end zone.

3:41 – FATAL THE 49ERS!

Three bad plays of San Francisco and wrong decisions of Garoppolo to return possession to the Chiefs. Amazing! Five minutes for Mahomes to get a draw or put his team ahead.

3:35 – Touchdown of the Chiefs!

Great pass from Mahomes to Kelce and Kansas City which is only three points after the conversion of the extra point. 17-20 for San Francisco. There are six minutes left.

3:33 – What a bomb of Mahomes!

Amazing! In third and 15, with all the pressure in the world, the Chiefs quarterback connects with Hill on a 44-yard pass to bring them closer to the end zone.

3:21 – Chiefs recover possession

Almost nine minutes of the game and Kansas City quickly regains possession after a couple of bad plays by the 49ers.

3:14 – 49ers interception!

It can be decisive !!! Key moment of the match. Pass from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill and the receiver who fails to take the ball. He escapes and Moore regains possession for San Francisco. There are twelve minutes left, the Niners have the possession and two annotations of advantage to preserve the result.

3:07 – last quarter! 10-20

The Chiefs They will start attacking the final room. 15 minutes to trace a match that has been put uphill.

2:59 – Touchdown for the 49ers! 10-20

Mostert get all six points for San Francisco! Garoppole He is having plenty of time to think about the great attitude of his offensive line, and is easily finding the recipients. Mostert got the TD after a good job of his line and Gould sum the extra point. Advantage for the 49ers.

2:53 – Interception of the 49ers!

Error of Patrick Mahomes I tried a long pass for Hill but Warner managed to intercept the pass and take possession. Attack the 49ers, problems for the Chiefs.

2:42 – Field goal for the 49ers!

Gould gets three points for San Francisco with a 43-yard field goal, 10-13 on the scoreboard.

2:39 – Doncic, waiting for the Super Bowl …

2:37 – We're in the second part!

Already glued to the television: 10-10 on the scoreboard.

2:35 – And here, together: Shakira + JLO

2:33 – Jennifer Lopez's performance

2:31 – Shakira's show

2:23 – The Super Bowl break performance ends!

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez they end their concert together with 'Waka Waka', one of the most famous songs of the Colombian. The intermediate has been well above expectations, with the surprises of Bad Bunny and J Balvin!

2:18 – Jennifer Lopez's turn with J Balvin!

The American, of Puerto Rican origin, is now on stage with J Balvin, a surprise guest. Follow the show!


The Puerto Rican singer of trap and reguetn has surprised in the performance of Shakira, which is being spectacular.

2:00 – REST

10-10 in between Chiefs and 49ers. Now it's Shakira and Jennifer Lpez's turn at the break.

1:55 – David Villa, in the Super Bowl

1:53 – Shakira, ready

1.48 – Rest is coming

Attack Kansas City, but defend San Francisco well. Mahomes Try to do damage before the famous intermediate.

1:38 – 49ers touchdown! 10-10

Good pass from Garoppolo to Juszczyk who gets the score after 15 yards! Draw the San Francisco match.

1:35 – Beautiful announcement for the tribute to the 100 years of the NFL

1:30 – Field goal for the Chiefs! 10-3

Butker converts the shot and Kansas City increases the lead!

1:24 – Go Mahomes pass!

Spectacular assistance to Watkins for 28 yards

1:21 – Interception!

Garoppolo bug! Bad pass of the quarterback of the 49ers and the defense of the Chiefs that regains possession. Attack for the Chiefs!

1:17 – The Super Bowl announcement

Bill Murray has starred in the great announcement of the day for the Super Bowl. Groundhog Day …

1:15 – What doesn't happen in the Super Bowl …

How can you fall asleep in the Super bowl!

1:09 – Touchdown of the Chiefs! 7-3

Amazing Patrick Mahomes! The Chiefs quarterback decided to run himself to the end zone instead of passing or giving it to one of his running backs. 7-3 for the Chiefs.

1:02 – The Chiefs wake up!

Mahomes He manages to connect several times with Kelce and Hill and Williams, the runnings backs, have found several attack options. The Chiefs are near the end zone.

1:00 – Brady doesn't play, but he's in Miami

00:52 – Field goal of the 49ers!

Robbie Gould gets the first three points for San Francisco 49ers. Premiere in the Super bowl

00:47 – Samuel!

Carrern de Deebo Samuel, running back rookie de los 49ers , to get 40 yards from the end zone.

00:45 – Bad start of the Chiefs

Kansas City does not get first down on his first drive and is forced to throw a 'punt'. Attack 49ers!

00:40 – FOOTBALL!

The 2020 Super Bowl!!

It's the time!

The show has begun, although not the game. Demi lovato He has sung the anthem and in the stadium the tributes to the history of the league follow one another.

00:25 – 100 years of NFL

Spectacular tribute to all the stars of American football. Pure history at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami!

00:15 – What happened in the Playoffs?

In the American Conference, the Chiefs reached the Playoffs as the second best team, only surpassed by the Baltimore Ravens. In the first round, the Titans gave the surprise and charged the Patriots, and did the same in the second round with the Ravens and their star Lamar Jackson. The Chiefs beat the Texans in the second round and beat the Titans to reach the Super Bowl.

In the National Conference, the 49ers had the 'seed 1' as the best team on that side of the standings during the season. They played and won in the second round the Vikings, who come from giving surprise to the Saints, and in the final of the conference they surpassed the Green Bay Packers of Aaron Rodgers to return to the Super Bowl.

00:05 – Where are the Patriots?

It is the first time in the last four years that the New England Patriots of Tom Brady do not reach the Super Bowl. They won those of 2017 and 2019 and lost those of 2018 against the Eagles. In total and without counting this they have played nine of the last 18 finals for the title. A historical 50%.

23:55 – The Shanahan. Everything is in family

The 49ers coach, Kyle Shanahan, and his father, Mike, will become the first father-son to appear as lead coaches in the Super Bowl. Mike enters the Denver Broncos who won two titles.

23:45 – Super Bowl data

This is the 54th edition of the famous 'Super tazn', for Latinos, on the most Latin stage in the United States, the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Whoever wins inherits the Lombardi trophy, currently in possession of the New Englad Patriots.

The duel between both teams has not been seen before. The Chiefs they had been playing the Super Bowl since 1970, and the 49ers, five times champions, they did it for the last time in 2012.

23:40 – As is the Hard Rock Stadium

Overview of the stage of the meeting while Patrick Mahomes, star of the Chiefs, takes his first steps in it.

23:35 – Chiefs win in the stands

Wide majority of Kansas City fans, who wanted to return to the fight for the title. His team, applauded when going out to warm up. While there are whistles for the 49ers.

23:30 – An hour for the Super Bowl!

There is only one hour left for the start of the show before the most anticipated game of the year in American football. The Kansas City Chiefs of Patrick Mahomes against the San Francisco 49ers of Jimmy Garoppolo.

The two quarterbacks are already in the stadium.

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