The COE shows its “absolute rejection” of the attitude of the security guard arrested for ejaculating in his companions’ water bottles


The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) showed this Tuesday its “most absolute rejection of conduct that threatens the integrity and freedom of people”, in reference to the security guard who provided services at the organization’s headquarters in Madrid and who was arrested. for ejaculating in his colleagues’ water bottles, and defended that it is a “safe work environment.”

“Given the information published in various media in relation to the arrest of a security guard who provided services at the COE headquarters through an external company, we wish to express our most absolute rejection of conduct that violates the integrity and freedom of people,” the organization said on its website.

The COE also insisted on its “firm commitment to guaranteeing the rights of the workers” of the organization in its facilities, after this Tuesday a security guard who worked at the organization’s headquarters was arrested, accused of ejaculating on several occasions. the metal water bottles of two co-workers.

According to the COE, the events were discovered “a few months ago after a review of the images of the internal video surveillance circuit” of the organization’s headquarters, which were reported to the Police “immediately” and “through the corresponding complaint”.

“Previously, the affected workers were informed, making all the entity’s human and material resources available to them to protect their rights,” the statement added. They also notified the facts and the complaint to the external company, to which the disciplinary and security measures adopted by the COE were transferred, “which absolutely prevented the access of the alleged perpetrator to its facilities.”

“At the COE we trust that the police and judicial investigation will clarify what happened. The authorities have counted from the moment the events were discovered with the full collaboration of the COE,” stated the text published by the organization.

From the COE they defended that “the house of the Olympic Movement is a safe work environment in which the rights and freedoms of all the people who work every day to support Spanish sport and to promote the values ​​of the Olympic Charter are protected and guaranteed.” .

“This commitment is also inalienable and essential in the daily functioning of this entity, as has been made clear by the discovery of these facts,” the COE statement concluded.