sporty, close and with an exciting memory of Guatemala

Dead silence in the Solaruco auditorium of the City of Banco Santander. Mrs. Letizia has taken the stage to say a few words on the occasion of the delivery of the Euros de tu Nómina awards, which recognize solidarity projects of NGOs and associations. Along with the Queen, she has been present at this event Ana Botín, president of the entity. The event took place this Tuesday, June 11 at Banco Santander City in Boadilla (Madrid).

“I just arrived from Guatemala”

After the presentation of the awards for this 16th edition, Mrs. Letizia spoke. It was Ángel Expósito, from COPE, who gave way. “Two very quick messages,” he began. “Thank you to those who think of others and make change real” and also “my admiration and respect to those who use energy, resources and time” to help. “I just arrived from Guatemala, where I have tried to give visibility to cooperation and I have seen very difficult lives with a lot of suffering,” she recalled. “There I met a woman, who has been violated and violated, and in extreme poverty, who said in my ear ‘Look, Reina, I have been alive for many years and I don’t know how I am alive, I lived by inertia, like a zombie, until she arrived a cooperative person and I thought there was an opportunity in life.'” Some words that she has launched from her heart when saying “‘I am certain that you are essential.”

Expósito has taken over speaking and has joked about the Queen’s sneakers by slipping: “I thought about also coming in sneakers” (Doña Letizia has been wearing sports shoes since the beginning of May due to a fracture in the toe of her right foot). Afterwards she turned to her consort, who despite her fracture has not canceled any event on the agenda and continues with the work. “As a sick person, she must not be a very good queen,” she joked when referring to the rest that her Majesty has renounced. “Take care of yourself,” he concluded.