The bullfighter Juan Ortega reappears 52 days after his sit-in at the altar of Carmen Otte: “I accept it and ask for forgiveness”

On December 2, the bullfighting and non-bullfighting world was turned upside down with the bullfighter's sit-in. Juan Ortega to his cardiologist girlfriend, Carmen Otte, in Jerez de la Frontera just half an hour before the ceremony began. More than 50 days later and in the midst of reconciliation rumors, the bullfighter has broken his silence and they have spoken out for the first time on the matter.

Regarding the media commotion that arose, the right-hander said: “In the end, in this life with the society we live in, people are used to getting married or separating. But not to calling off a wedding a few days before. But I understand the fuss that has arisen. I didn't imagine it would cause such a stir.“, he explained this Wednesday in his interview with Carlos Herrera in Cope.

At the same time, he has assured that some information that has been leaked about him and the girlfriend does not correspond to reality: “Since the news broke, many things have been said that most of them are not true.” In this sense, he pointed out: “Here, the only truth about what has happened is that Carmen and I are two people who love each other very much. We had a very good relationship, we had a series of doubts that I was not able to resolve.“.

Thus, he admits his responsibility and apologizes to Otte: “I accept it and ask for forgiveness. Not for the decision itself, but for the moment in which I made it”. He also thinks about the 500 guests who were left speechless: “Making that decision a few hours before with the guests there… I understand the damage you can cause. The pain, well look, I would have made the decision a few hours earlier and it would have been the same. It is still a breakup between two people who love each other.“.

About the jilted bride and her family, he has words of affection: “I can only speak well of Carmen. She is an extraordinary woman, who He has made me grow as a person and bullfighter, as has his family. They have always treated me like a son. And if something hurts me and I'm suffering for something, it's because people who are not responsible for my decision have hurt me.”

As for him, he reiterates that he does not regret it in the slightest: “I made the decision knowing the consequences it had. I understand it that way. A marriage is serious enough to do it with doubts. I didn't want to betray Carmen or myself.”.

Going back to that December 2, he remembers what the hours were like before abandoning the bride: “In the end it's something you have in mind, that was not the result of an outburst, I consider myself a temperate person. I like to think about things, especially important decisions. I was alone in my room. I called Carmen. Then to my parents, and then to the priest. In the end she was the person who was going to marry us“.

Regarding the conversation he had with his then fiancée, he said: “But the least important thing was the wedding at that time. What really matters is that the relationship with a person you love ends”.

And he says: “Contrary to what people can imagine, The truth is that we continue to have a lot of love and respect for each other and we both have a lot of peace. In the end it was something we fought a lot for.”

The bullfighter, who travels to Mexico next week and will fight on February 10 in the Plaza de Valdemorillo, in Madrid, claims to be clear of his conscience: “What calms me down is that both Carmen and I know the truth about everything. The real reason is what I told you. Whenever we have had a complicated situation, We have always found the reason to continue fighting for our relationship. In the end, the heart and feelings rule and that cannot be controlled.”

At this point, the questions about whether they have reconciled or will do so are there: “I can't answer that question for you. Carmen is a person I love very much and she couldn't forgive me for hurting her again.“, he stated, without clarifying the point at which they are at the moment.