Report: Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, might be close to taking a job in the NFL

Report: Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, might be close to taking a job in the NFL

After each off-season, Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, has thought about leaving Ann Arbor and going back to the NFL, which is Ohio State’s rival.

As reported by Aaron Wilson of KPRC in Houston, Texas, the Los Angeles Chargers are “striking distance to obtain a deal done.”

This time, it might come true. If the deal goes through, he will bring the defensive coordinator Jesse Minter or his son Jay Harbaugh with him.

As of a few weeks ago, it looks like the Wolverines are going to look for a new coach after capturing the College Football Playoff national championship. Harbaugh has had a contract extension offer from Michigan for several months.

Even though winning the championship had been big for their team, Ohio State has made a lot of big moves to counter their rival’s success. So, let’s hope that this time next year we’ll be talking about one for the Buckeyes.

The coaching job market is moving faster and faster every day, and things are speeding up for Jim Harbaugh. A source from NFL Media says that the Chargers and Harbaugh are “striking distance” of making a deal.

League sources say Harbaugh really wants the Chargers job, and he’s been out to meet with the Bolts’ management twice, so it makes sense.

The second meeting was also said to have included Harbaugh’s wife Sarah, and talks about Harbaugh’s possible staff were said to have happened.

It’s clear that Harbaugh wants to work in the NFL, but nothing can happen until the Chargers offer him a job. Most people think he’ll take it if they do.

If that happens, things will start to fall apart all over the place, even in Ann Arbor, where many people think at least Jesse Minter and Jay Harbaugh will follow Harbaugh to Los Angeles. They are also looking for a general manager, which makes the whole deal a little less smooth.

A lot has changed since Jim Harbaugh was an NFL coach almost ten years ago, but he is still one of the most interesting candidates for head coach.

The current coach of Michigan is getting his team ready for their College Football Playoff semifinal game against Alabama on New Year’s Day in the Rose Bowl. At the same time, he is thinking about a very important choice.

He is currently under contract until 2026, but sources say Michigan has offered him a 10-year, $125 million extension. If accepted, this would make him one of the highest-paid coaches in college football. But there is one catch, and it has to do with the NFL.

Under the terms of the deal, Harbaugh would not look for or accept a job in the NFL until 2024. He has not yet signed it. But the NFL clause would only last for one season, and that seems to have been enough to slow down the process.

“People that think we’ve done a good job and are satisfied with the job that we’ve done currently at Michigan, they’re going be very happy to learn that I will be back enthusiastically leading the Wolverines in 2023,” Harbaugh stated in December of 2022.

“And for those people that don’t approve of the job we’ve done and would rather see another person coaching here, I think they’ll be most likely unhappy to learn we’ll be back coaching the University of Michigan Wolverines and in 2023.”

This season, when asked about his plans for the future, he has always said he would stay at his current job. But at least among NFL teams is probably interested.

Michigan just got its Notice of Allegations received from the NCAA for allegedly breaking rules about recruiting during the COVID-19 dead phase and not helping investigators.

NFL sources have said that the league probably won’t be a haven for Harbaugh. This means that Harbaugh, who was also suspended for three games by his team this season, might have to serve some or all of any suspension he might face in college if he goes back to the pros.