Alejandro Sanz he wanted to tell his girlfriend that he was not well: “I am sad and tired,” he wrote a week ago and the world trembled. He talked about depression and a delicate economic situation but in reality we were facing a love affair. This Friday we advanced in Informalia what Rachel Valdes I had abandoned him. The Cuban artist, the Moratalaz singer’s partner for four years, is the cause of the musician’s bad moment.

First we learned that Rachel did not accompany him during his tour of South America but now it has emerged that the singer’s downturn comes when the painter has left the Madrid residence and has taken even the toothbrushes.

It is not the first time that Alejandro has gone through sentimental problems. His 2005 divorce from Mexican model Jaydy Michel, mother of his daughter Manuela, coincided with the death of his father. Later, after some employees blackmailed him, he recognized (in 2006) his secret son, whose mother is the Puerto Rican stylist Valeria Rivera.

When he lived his divorce from Jaydy he had a terrible time Heartbreak is now the artist’s main problem, notwithstanding other conflicts, such as the stratospheric debt of 15 million euros that is being talked about.

But it doesn’t seem that the financial problems are the ones that have caused his sadness, no matter how much he is the victim of a trusted administrator, brother of his former representative, and responsible for the irregularities in the bank accounts he managed. The lack of liquidity then forced Alejandro Sanz to sell his mansions in Miami and Madrid.

But the singer has a way to fix those problems: his wonderful music and his success on tour, which fill his coffers. This June 3 begins in Pamplona his tour Alejandro Sanz Live, which will continue through other Spanish cities. Then he will cross the pond and play in Puerto Rico, Miami, Houston, Washington, New York and various cities in California. The man from Madrid did not miss the opportunity to ask for help and promote his product, saying that he will get ahead “with a little understanding and support at the shows.”

But the real problem has a name: her name is Rachel Valdés. She is no longer with Alejandro Sanz. That “there are no third parties” has not been heard, although it is not certain that she does not exist either. “She is very discreet but she has given clues that she wants to be free to love whoever she wants,” a close friend from Rachel’s Barcelona days tells us.

The Cuban artist, twenty years younger than the singer, has broken his heart. Like so many people, Alejandro Sanz does not seem to be in love for a lifetime. Since his youthful love with Alba Molina, the daughter of Lole and Manuel, Until his 14-year love affair with the psychologist Raquel Perera, or his marriage to the Mexican Jaydy Michel, the artist’s story is one of solid love but with an expiration date. For Alejandro, the only eternal love with which he professes his children.

But the difference is that on other occasions it was he who left his women with him. broken heart, while this time it seems that the Cuban model has found a better option than continuing with the Madrid interpreter. He says The world that it was he who made the decision to end the torture of a mortally wounded love but they tell us that someone has put butterflies in the heart of Rachel Valdés. “Poor Alejandro may now be getting a taste of his own medicine,” they tell us. “He left his couples and now it seems that they have left him,” they tell us.

The Cuban woman has been attributed relations with Mick Jaggero Alexander Delgado, Cuban like her and a member of the Gente de Zona group. Rachel is friends with Marc Anthony, who was the one who introduced him to Alejandro Sanz in 2018 when he was still married to Raquel Perera, who became his wife after being his personal assistant.

The plastic artist, graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, was married to a lawyer and soccer player representative, from whom she divorced and is the father of her 8-year-old son Max.

his ex-wife, Raquel Perera, mother of his children Dylan (2011) and Alma (2012), has just published a self-help book entitled So that you don’t forget, that explains how to deal with suffering. It may be good for Alejandro to read it now.