Much has been said about the guests at the wedding of Kiko Matamoros (66) con Marta Lopez Alamo (26) this Friday June 2 in Madrid. Of Terelu Camposwho left for the Ritz Hotel when he finished Save meto your daughter Alexandra Rubio, Chelo Garcia-Cortes, Alonso Caparros, Carmen Alcayde, Antonio Montero, Marisa Martin Blazquez o Maria de Mora.

The groom’s children also attended with Marian Flores (Laura was the godmother and Diego was very excited), although the absence of Anita Matamoros, Makoke’s daughter, who does not speak with her father, stood out. As expected, the young woman finally did not attend either the ceremony at the Basilica of San Miguel or the banquet at the Ritz Hotel, with dinner by Quique Dacosta.

carmen borrego, Lydia Lozano, Jorge Javier Vazquez o bethlehem esteban They were also on the guest list. The first two already announced that they were not going because they did not have such a close relationship with Matamoros as to attend. Jorge Javier, for his part, is on medical leave less than a month before the end of Save me. But, what about Paracuellos del Jarama?

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The princess of the town stood up to her program partner to travel to Seville and attend the concert of one of her favorite singers: Manuel Carrasco. It was held at the La Cartuja Stadium. It was not with her ‘Migue’, but with her gang of friends: “I come to the Manuel Carrasco concert. I’m a big fan. Man, I don’t come alone. I come with my friends, girls’ weekend,” she explained at the station Santa Justa train. Therefore, Belén and the ambulance driver Miguel Marcos declined the invitation for Andrea Janeiro’s mother to enjoy the plan that she had hoped for with her friends. Good for her.