The ‘Bribon’, with King Juan Carlos, wins his third 6 Meter World Cup

“We have fought for it and here you see the result”


The ‘Bribon’, with King Don Juan Carlos at the helm, has won its third world title in the 6 Meter class on the Isle of Wight, a trophy that joins those achieved in 2017 and 2019 by the Royal Club boat Nautical of Sanxenxo (RCNS).

Skippering a team made up of Pedro Campos, Jane Abascal, Ross McDonald, Roi Álvarez, Simon Fisher and Alberto Viejo, the emeritus king returns to the Galician club a title that he held between 2017 and 2022, all after triumphing this week in Cowes and the Royal Yacht Squadron, birthplace of the America’s Cup in 1851.

“There is a sensational team, a very good team. We have worked for it, we have fought for it and here you can see the result,” said King Juan Carlos as soon as the competition ended.

The current and wind have made racing difficult in the Solent, the regatta course on the Isle of Wight. From Monday until the last test on Thursday, the podium was decided between four teams: the Spanish ‘Bribon’ and ‘Titia’ of Mauricio Sánchez-Bella, the French ‘Dix Août’ of Louis Heckly -defending champion- and the boat from the New York Yacht Club, Simon Williams’ ‘Silvervingen’.

The title, on the other hand, was centered between the French boat, leader until the last day, and the ‘Bribon’, which waited until the last day to sign two first places and a fourth that allowed it to take the final victory with six points of advantage over the French team. ‘Silvervingen’, for its part, snatched third place from ‘Titia’, who paid dearly for a black flag in the first test of the last day.

The president of RCNS, Pedro Campos, acknowledged that this championship has been “probably the most complicated” of the six that the club has won between World Cups and European Championships in recent years. “We feel very proud to have achieved this new world title for Spain, for Galicia and for Sanxenxo,” he said.

“On a personal level, it is my 19th World Cup and I will always remember it for the excellent work of the entire team, which under the command of King Don Juan Carlos has been working for many months and where the training and regattas that we hold in our club throughout the year they have been decisive for the success of the club’s two boats, the ‘Bribon’ and the ‘Titia’,” he continued.

In the Open division, the title went to the New York Yacht Club boat, Jaime Hilton’s ‘Scoundrel’, with seven points ahead of the British ‘Stella’ from Violeta Álvarez’s Royal Yacht Squadron, which arrived with its Spanish crew to lead the World Cup. The third position was awarded to the Swiss ‘Momo’ of Dieter Schoen, who failed to defend the title won in Sanxenxo last year.