Rodolfo Sancho returns to Madrid because he believes that his presence “harms his son”

daniel sancho He was admitted to the Thai prison of Koh Samui on August 7 for the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon. Edwin Arrieta. After a month of the Spanish chef’s imprisonment, his father Rodolfo Sancho visited him this Wednesday, September 6. Now, the Spanish actor is expected to say goodbye to his son and head to Spain this weekend. This was reported by his lawyer Marcos Garcia Montes some days ago.

In addition, Ramon Chippirrásspokesperson for the Sancho family, assured the newspaper ABC that Rodolfo Sancho is now returning to Madrid. The reason: the Spanish actor believes that his presence in Thailand and the media commotion that this entails, does not benefit Daniel Sancho.

“He knows that his presence in the country harms his son. Mainly, due to media pressure. There is great annoyance with the journalists who congregate in the Thai prison. And not only on the part of the person who runs the center, but also from superiors,” said the family spokesperson.

Ramón Chippirrás continues with his argument and assures that the presence of Rodolfo Sancho in Thailand could cause a diplomatic conflict between Spain and Thailand and, therefore, harm the Case of Daniel Sancho.

Although the Spanish actor has only been in Thailand for three days, his visit to the Koh Samui prison has caused something to talk about. Rodolfo Sancho declared to the press this Wednesday, September 6, somewhat nervous and overwhelmed by the situation. 24 hours after the first meeting with his son, Rodolfo rectified and called his words “unfortunate” or “arrogant.”