The book that Aless Lequio wrote before dying has the keys to Ana Obregón’s new motherhood: part of the text is filtered

The young businessman began writing a work called ‘The boy with the shrews’ months before his death, in May 2020. His mother managed to access the manuscript and finished it to fulfill the will of Aless Lequio and a few days ago she announced its launch: “Today is a great day. Finally, another of my son’s dreams come true. It is the story that he began to write masterfully and could not finish because of cancer. Embracing his wonderful text you will find another story, the story of a mother during that long and arduous journey that they undertook together full of infinite love”. This Friday, some excerpts from the book have been leaked to the press and they assure that they have the keys to understand the latest decision of Ana Obregon: becoming a mother by surrogacy.

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The presentation of ‘El chico de las musarañas’ was scheduled for April 19, but circumstances have forced it to be delayed until Ana returns from Miami. People from her circle affirm that between her lines we will find answers to many of the questions that have been raised these days and in Save me They have already advanced some excerpts, written by Aless: “There are times when happiness is only a hand’s throw away but we become silent and lose ourselves in the usual, when the key is to raise your head and look where never before”.

In the book, a very clueless boy goes to a park every afternoon to watch the sunset and chat for a while with his four shrews. One of them is called Muria and those who have read the work believe that it is, in reality, Ana Obregón, that is, that her son was based on his mother’s thoughts and fear to create it: “You have the bad habit of putting only one face on happiness, and when you don’t find it, seas rain and hurricane winds roar”dice.

As we said, the presentation of the book was announced for April 19, but everything indicates that it will be delayed until Ana returns to Spain, which could take several weeks and even months. In Sálvame they have pointed out that ‘The boy with the shrews’ could be launched at the end of May, although the publisher, Harper Collins, has not confirmed dates.