Alba Carrillo returns to the ring: “Nobody would know who Jorge is if he hadn’t told me”

The Christmas Roll Alba Carrillo y Jorge Perez at the famous Unicorn Content party, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, continues to bring tail almost five months later. And it is that the protagonists do not seem to want to let the story die.

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If a few days ago we found out that the former civil guard and his wife they had decided to be neighbors of the model, now she is the one who has returned to talk about the subject on television. Specifically, she did it this Thursday in Land Roverthe Galician Television humor program presented by Roberto Vilar.

“When people found out that you were coming, everyone on the street told me: ‘You have to ask him about Jorge’, and I: ‘But who is he?'”, the space driver told the ex of Feliciano Lopez. “You see… If no one knows who he is if he hadn’t joked about it,” she replied, arousing laughter from those present on the set.

Then, he commented that the winner of Survivors 2020 And his wife, Alice PenaThey are going to move to their town. “Jorge is going to live in my town. I am very fond of chicoleo (for gossip) and a neighbor who has rented her house told me. He wants to see me,” she said. “I have not seen him again, because he would have jumped at my neck,” he added.

The truth is that the decision on the part of the couple is not understood given their bad relationship with the ex of fonsi grandsonwhich led Jorge to include a clause in his last television contract so as not to coincide in the Mediaset studios with Alba, as we told in scoop on this portal.