The biopic of Ana Obregón is in danger after the scandal of her donations to the Aless Lequio foundation

The controversies of Ana Obregon hinder the development of his television biopic by the production company Tell me how it happened. The storm that has fallen on Ana Obregón's reputation since the beginning of this year and the shadows that weigh on her role in her son Aless Lequio's foundation complicate the future of the series based on her life and which was announced two years ago. before in March 2023 she revealed her late and controversial 'motherhood' through a surrogate.

The project “is not confirmed” to go forward, sources from the Ganga Group tell Informalia. The viability of the series is now compromised, in part, by the controversies led by Obregón. “I am returning to television fiction. I am excited to be able to share with everyone that I have decided to return. I have reached an agreement with one of the best production companies in Spain. It was difficult for me to understand that no one was betting on my life, since my only merit is having worked for 40 years on my passion and having shared with all of you for many years an enormous collection of sweet and bitter moments, of lights and shadows,” Obregón said at the time to announce that she was putting her life at the service of a television series that she herself was going to co-write, and foreseeably star, after the pre-agreement signed between her, the Ganga Group and Alfin productions, which is the artist representation agency led by her friend Susana Uribarri.

In March 2022, in Ganga, through their manager Javier Cuadrado, they were “very grateful” to Ana Obregón: “For allowing us to share something as intimate as her experiences. Her life is an example of improvement and perseverance. As the Ana herself, the intention is to recover her collection of moments, those already known, and others, yet to be discovered, and reproduce them in a fiction that we are convinced will not leave anyone indifferent.

The company explained that Ana Obregón, who then received a significant amount of solidarity after the death of her son Aless, was “one of the figures most loved by the Spanish public. He has the respect and admiration of different generations who have followed his extensive professional career, especially on television, where he has starred in successful entertainment programs and fiction series.” The production company announced that the development of the series was going to be in charge Yolanda García Serrano, who has already collaborated with Ganga with Tell me, and HIT (which has a third season pending release). Writer, screenwriter and director, García Serrano has a Goya award for Best Original Screenplay, the National Award for Dramatic Literature and the Film Writers' Circle Award, among others.

Ana Obregón's reputation after the birth of Ana Sandra and especially after the scandal of her non-contributions to the Aless Lequio Foundation

Obregón's reputation has been affected after the birth of Ana Sandra Lequio through a surrogate womb and come to light, through Informalia, that the actress failed to keep her promises to allocate the benefits obtained from her recent exclusives, from her book, to the Aless Lequio Foundation, which she presides over. 'The Shrew Boy' and sponsorship of LaCabine cosmetic products. The vice president, Alessandro Lequio, showed his opinion on this matter: “The foundation is a young foundation, but healthy with very clear accounts. Another thing is the commitment that Ana has publicly acquired. I don't know if she has done it or not. The desires and wills of each one are the desires and wills of each one, she may have changed her mind at a given moment, but it is her thing. At the foundation we are doing our work. I don't know if Ana has fulfilled the commitments that she has made publicly. “It's a moral question of yours.”

The production company of Miguel Ángel Bernardeau and Ana Duato: Ganga and its parent company: 22.6 million euros in 2022

The Ganga Group is focused on other tasks after passing into the hands of the listed company Squirrel Media, which the production company of Miguel Ángel Bernardeau and Ana Duato acquired last year. This purchase included Ganga's real estate assets, among which its Studio in Pinto (Madrid) stands out, with more than 8,000 m2 distributed between exteriors, sets, assembly and post-production facilities, etc. The production company closed a few months ago on a high Tell me how it happened, The second season of the talent show premiered in the fall Incredible duos and the third season of the HIT series is pending.

Ganga obtained revenues of 22.6 million euros in 2022, achieving a net profit of 126,000 euros, while its parent company, Squirrel Media, earned more than 86 million euros between January and October 2023 and achieved profits of 13. 7 million euros (which represented a growth of 63% compared to the same period of the previous year). Squirrel Media, chaired by Pablo Pereiro Lage, has a strategic plan that contemplates that net profit will reach 42.2 million euros next year.