The president of the United States modernizes. Him and his campaign to win the next elections, which this Sunday landed on one of the platforms with the most American social media users: 170 million. At 81 years old, Joe Biden It premiered with a 28-second video and a good dose of humor, with which he confronted conspiracy theories that suggest that he rigged the Superbowl so that her boyfriend's boyfriend would win. Taylor Swift: “I'd get in trouble if I told you,” he replied.

Evil tongues claim that Biden wanted to benefit Travis Kelce to win the singer's favor, his greatest asset to win the vote of the youngest, precisely the one that the Democrats lack the most. In the same vein of humor, Biden responded when given the choice between the two Kelce brothers, Travis or Jason: “Mom Kelce, I think she makes great chocolate chip cookies.”

The surprise at Biden's arrival on TikTok has been huge since the president prohibited officials from using the aforementioned social network for security reasons in 2022. Now they back down: “We will continue going to find voters where they are, innovating to create content that will resonate with important audiences and the core parts of the electorate that make up the president's broad and diverse coalition of voters,” they said from his office. In addition, they have responded to the criticism received in recent hours by stating that they have taken “advanced security precautions on the devices” and that they have incorporated “a sophisticated security protocol.”

Biden does not have it easy to stay in the White House. The youngest are disenchanted by their support for Israel in the armed conflict and the rejection grows as the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip worsens. The advanced age of the politician (81) along with his recent behavior in public (forgetfulness, confusion…) also generate many doubts about his ability to govern for another four years.