The Barça 2023 Foundation starts at Camp Nou with Sergi Roberto and Aitana Bonmatí as ambassadors

Joan Laporta, on the LaLiga Genuine team: “We have to believe that we can do a triplet again”


The Barça Foundation team of LaLiga Genuine -competition for players with intellectual disabilities- was presented this Thursday at the Spotify Camp Nou with Sergi Roberto and Aitana Bonmatí as ambassadors and with a Blaugrana president, Joan Laporta, who encouraged them to repeat the treble of last season, that of their debut as a team.

Presentation in style, entrance to the field one by one and with ‘haka’ and official photo included. This was the coming-out of the 2022/23 Barça Genuine Foundation team. And all this with Laporta leading the official club delegation, together with Sergi Roberto and Aitana Bonmatí representing the first men’s and women’s teams.

In fact, both are ambassadors for this campaign of a team made up of 24 players, who will compete in LaLiga Genuine as well as the DICUP and The Original Challenge competitions. The Blaugrana team conquered all of them last season. And this Friday, in Tarragona, they will begin to defend the LaLiga Genuine title.

“This group of players represents the values ​​of the sport very well. I have been able to see how they compete and spend time with them, and they have many things to teach us. It makes me very happy to be an ambassador for this team and I thank Barça because I am proud to be part of a club that always looks for the integration of people. Thank you players for making this club bigger”, commented Aitana Bonmatí in the presentation.

For his part, Sergi Roberto assured that all the members of the Barça Genuine Foundation are “incredible”. “I wish all the best to happen to you. I would like to thank the ‘staff’ who do an incredible job. I wish you the best of luck this season, the important thing in sport is not always to win but to have fun and have a good time, with the values ​​of this club. It is an honor to be an ambassador of this Barça Genuine”, valued the man from Reus.

The president, Joan Laporta, was the one who encouraged the team to repeat the successes of their debut campaign. “We have to believe that we can do a triplet again. The idea continues and it does so with more enthusiasm than ever. We will continue to compete to win and to grow as people,” predicted the leader.

“Thank you for having made this project come true a year ago, and we were right to create it. I say this because of the sporting successes, of course, because we competed to win at Barça and in a year winning all the competitions and achieving a triplet is an unprecedented success”, he reiterated.

“We got it right because of this, but also because the lives of 24 people who have taken very well what their coaches have taught them have improved a little. They already had values, but they have understood the true meaning of values ​​such as company, effort, sacrifice. .. Values ​​that are taught in this great club that is Barça”, he pointed out about the real objective of this project.

In this sense, he assured that what fills him most with pride is to see how the team behaves in competition. “What fills me with the most pride in this team and this year is, above all, the behavior and effort shown by players when it comes to competing and training and organizing your lives. I highlight the professionalism of all “, he valued.

Before the presentation at the Spotify Camp Nou, the documentary ‘When winning everything is not the most important thing’ was screened at the Museum, a short film produced by Barça Studios that gathers the experiences lived by the Barça Foundation in its premiere season, as well as as the achievements he achieved, on and off the pitch.

The Minister of Social Rights of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Carles Campuzano, the director of the Catalan Traffic Service and member of the Social Council of the Guttmann Institute, Ramón Lamiel, also attended the event.