Lucía Pariente, mother of Alba Carrillo, vaccinated against rabies

Lucia Relative has experienced a most surreal situation this Thursday. The mother of Alba Carrillo has ended up vaccinated against rabies after taking Freshito, her daughter’s dog, to the vet.

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As Feliciano López’s ex has told on his Instagram, Freshito was so restless that the vaccine needle ended up on his mother’s finger. “World! Grandma has the rabies shot,” he said between laughs.

“It was an incident. Between the hair, the dog, the head… I don’t know what happened, in the end it was my turn,” said Lucía herself. “For the record, it has not had an effect on me. It has been a very small dose,” she clarified.

“Can anything else happen to us?” Added Carrillo, who suffered an accident this weekend at Mediaset and ended up in hospital with a broken arm. Hours later, he was glad he didn’t need surgery: “Since I’m young and I have good mobility, the doctor told me that I don’t have to have surgery, that I was a little panicked, but I have to have my arm in a sling and start doing some exercises, and in a week I have to come back to see the mobility and that. I’m very happy”, she said when leaving the hospital.