The attack of the ‘shark’ David Rodríguez on Merchi, the mother of his girlfriend Anabel Pantoja

Anabel Pantoja she no longer wants to hide her idyllic romance with David Rodriguezhis aunt Isabel Pantoja’s physiotherapist, so this Wednesday he shared a fun stories on Instagram in which the excellent relationship that her boy already has with his mother, Merchi, is even clear.

Such is the trust and complicity between Merchi and her new boyfriend that, as can be seen in the shared video, David imitates a shark that stealthily dives to grab his mother-in-law’s legs and thus give her a “scare” that, obviously, ends with the laughter of the three.

With this funny scene, the cousin of Kiko Rivera It has shown that their relationship strengthens day after day despite the fact that, at the moment, they live in very separate places. She has just bought a house in Gran Canaria, where she has lived for several years, while he continues to reside in her native Córdoba, where her clinic is located.

In addition to her publications where she shares her sentimental life, Isabel Pantoja’s niece also recently said in Lecturas that her current relationship is one of the best she has experienced in her life and that it is all thanks to the person next to her, because he makes “be very good”.