The anguishing confession of Rosa López: “They asked me for an autograph at my father’s wake”

Last week Rosa López accompanied her friend David Bisbal on one of his most important nights: the start of his 20 dates at the Albéniz Theater in Madrid to celebrate his 20 years in music. There, the winner of Operation Triumph 1 He talked about everything a little.

Among other things, how he gets along or how he stops getting along with Chenoa, who was his great friend in OT. It must be remembered that in recent months they have starred in a crossover of statements that has left their friendship on the ground: “I respect everyone, all my colleagues and the press. I understand this world more and more, and you ask me things that make me nervous,” she explained to Pronto.

And at this point, the singer from Granada gave a heartbreaking confession: “But I have to deal with that and with other things, like being asked for an autograph at my father’s wake. Imagine the love and respect that artists have to give everything around us.”

On the other hand, Rosa had some nice words about the star of the night, Bisbal: “He is a very flat person who, despite crossing the pond so many times and having succeeded so much as an artist, continues to be the same, and that is what prettier. There is no greater Grammy or greater prize than not losing your essence”.

She also spoke about her boyfriend, the policeman Iñaki García, with whom she has had a consolidated relationship since 2019: “I am a lucky woman. Today Iñaki told me such a beautiful phrase… He told me: ‘It is more beautiful to have you than to dream of you’ “.

In recent days, the artist has also become news for her new song, 1930, through which he shows his support for trans people. Rosa regretted not having found a sponsor for her video clip: “They don’t want to get into politics,” she confessed.