The analysis of a point that was more than sung

The numbers are cold, unemotional, and will tell that the Barça 2021-2022 chained 15 days of LaLiga without losing as a visitor (9 wins and 6 draws), the third best record in Barça history. However, the chronicles of the last result of this praiseworthy streak will say that the culé team and Getafe starred in ninety minutes of an improper conformity of two elite teams, who insisted on not playing and succeeded. Neither kicked nor even considered it. Zero in ambition and ideas. worst image for those of Sanchez Flowers, who gave the insufferable show before their own fans. The tie was taken for granted from the start.

Nothing can be reviewed or rescued from the game’s inventory, other than the vertical gaze of some players, not more than a couple. One or two occasions due to inertia and momentum than due to approach. bit of Aubameyang, Memphis y Ferran Torreswho did not know how to take advantage of a free kick and something from three of the house, a Mingueza who seriously assumed his role as center back, a Ansu who seemed the only one who believed in victory and a Bucket knowing that he had been examined, he always looked the clash in the face with courage.

The Alfonso Perez Coliseum It was, in this way, the culmination of the collapse of a Barça drowned in its own effort. Since the end of March, after the splendid win against Real Madrid in it Bernabeu (0-4) and the win at home against Sevilla (1-0), the team has sailed like a paper boat, hit by any wind. The Europa League was a warning that the path to the spoils of the league runner-up would be stormy. Bumps at home vs. Cádiz (0-1) and Rayo (0-1) and distressing suffering in the face of Real society (0-1), Levante (2-3), Betis (1-2) o Mallorca (2-1), until taking the match against Getafe as the final epilogue.

And that he Getafe, like the rest of the rivals, had to be ‘sparring’ so that a good group of players could claim their own, hit the table and show that they have a place in the squad. None have made the cut and about all those who had doubts, Xavi now has certainties. Any decision he may make will surprise no one.

The coach is clear that Barça needs a serious shake-up, to change the personality of the squad. There are eight necessary signings, one up or one down, depending on the movements of a Barça market that needs high-volume sales to be able to redirect the project. The season now has two browns left, the last day against Villarreal at home and in front of the fans and a ‘bolo’ in Australia

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