Atlético 1×1: Uruguayan afternoon at the Metropolitan

Cloud: He had not had too much work in the game until En-Nesyri ended up crashing with the crossbar in a header against which the Slovenian could do little. Shortly after, the Sevilla striker was right, finishing off very alone in the small area. If Oblak could make a wish, it would be to have Savic and Giménez healthy all season. The defense is another, much more secure, calm and impenetrable. In the end, the loss of intensity of the team was sinned.

Llorente: The loss of Vrsaljko returned him to the right side, in a defense of four and having to be very attentive to Acuña’s rises and Papu’s falls to the band. In the second half it was Tecatito Corona who looked for his back and hurt the ’14’ inside, always serious and active in the recovery. In attack he raised his band, although he could not find the cracks in the Sevilla defense. He loses a lot of radius of action in that position, but he always delivers.

Savic: Two providential cuts in the first half. Having him healthy is a guarantee and a blessing for Atlético. Very attentive in the divided balls, strong in the melee and expeditious in the actions in the area. Sevilla found the danger through the lateral centers, getting the equalizing goal.

Gimenez: He deserved that joy in the form of a goal after having had such a bad time due to injuries. He took advantage of Carrasco’s good center from the corner, won the jump and headed changing the stick impossible for Bono. Academic. When the Uruguayan forms with Savic at the back, the defense is another. The team was getting behind and ended up suffering in the lateral centers.

Reinildo: With more and more confidence, he was even able to score his first goal for Atletico, heading in a good serve from De Paul. A headache for any rival, always sticky, intense, aggressive and strong in melee. Without concentrating the spotlight, he is one of the great winter signings for performance. Perhaps he should have cleared up instead of trying to combine with Carrasco in the play that ended up leading to Sevilla’s goal.

Kondogbia: Very active in the recovery and in the pressure, it was difficult for him to have responsibility in the ball out, very marked by the Sevilla midfielder. He has reached the end of the season probably as the most outstanding player in the rojiblanco midfield, although against Sevilla he could not shine too much.

From Paul: Very active from the start, biting in the recovery and serving good set pieces so that Reinildo was about to open the scoring. Good version of the Argentine, more active than in previous games, appearing in danger zones and leaving good balls to speed up the team’s game. He even he was able to score, forcing Bono to act. The most outstanding midfielder until leaving his place to Herrera in the last minutes. His departure and system variation did not sit well with the team.

Athletic Shield/Flag

Koke: The midfield began pressing and stealing up front, but it was difficult for them to break lines in the construction while they were standing still, when Sevilla fell back and had to build from behind. There the captain must be key, but he has lived a season very far from the level of the past. He has a hard time when he has to carry out actions at speed, in the second half he was able to leave some good sending to the gap.

Carrasco: Possibly the fittest player on the team, Sevilla sought to stop him through fouls and very hard marking, especially with a nasty kick from Montiel. He put a perfect ball from the corner to find Giménez’s head. He was unable to face on many occasions alongside him, always closed with help, and ended up moving from the inside left to the right lane with Llorente’s change. He was very physically punished for so much kicking.

Griezmann: It cost him a lot to appear between the lines. With Sevilla well protected behind, he moved to try to be that connection between the midfielder and the forward, but he was barely able to win balls and turn when they looked for him from behind. It was a game with little prominence for the Frenchman, who is still struggling with the goal. Everything suggests that next season he will continue playing at home in the Metropolitan.

Louis Suarez: It was his day, the great protagonist in his farewell to the fans of the Wanda Metropolitano. After five minutes he was able to open the scoring after a recovery from De Paul, but he shot very cross. The Argentine was the one who was looking for him the most, he wanted it to be his afternoon. He also with a header would find the shot behind the center of his friend De Paul, but again he narrowly left. He was the first change at 65 minutes receiving a standing ovation and recognition from the fans, although without being able to say goodbye as he would have liked, with a goal. Good job on the back game.

Herrera also said goodbye

Cunha: He left his place at the point of attack to Suárez for his farewell after two good performances as a starter. He can combine between throwing unchecks as a reference above with going down to receive and combining with his partner above.

Correa: He has been losing prominence with the passing of the season, after starting as the scorer and reference up front. He came on for Griezmann to liven up the lead, but he couldn’t get away from Diego Carlos in an action where he would have been left hand in hand.

Herrera: His last match at the Wanda Metropolitano before leaving for the United States. Despite the fact that he has not had continuity as an rojiblanco, he has shown stages of good play and handling of matches in the middle. Against Sevilla he could not have an impact.

Felipe: His entry for Llorente served to reinforce the defense and move to a line of three central defenders along with Savic and Giménez, moving Reinildo and Carrasco to the lanes. It is now common practice to see the Brazilian enter with the score in favor, but the team received the equalizer with a header from En-Nesyri.