The affectionate hug of Inés Arrimadas to the mother of Albert Rivera in the funeral home

Inés Arrimadas has arrived at the Axarquía funeral home in Malaga to personally offer her condolences to Albert Rivera on the death of his father, Agustín. After being veiled during the morning of this Monday, August 21, he was cremated at noon. Rivera has appreciated the support of the media for this sad loss. “It can’t be a more difficult time. Thank you, really”, he has slipped.

Hard times for the former president of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera. The former politician has also received a visit from Malú, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his little Lucía, 3 years old. On this Monday morning, Rivera, wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans, was walking with his mother, who was carrying a red rose in her hand. When Arrimadas arrived at the wake, he has melted into an affectionate embrace with Rivera’s widow, María Jesús Díaz.

Agustín Rivera, 71, died of a heart problem this Sunday the 20th in Malaga, the city where he lived with his wife, María Jesús. It has been an unexpected death, since he did not suffer from any previous pathology, which has left the former politician devastated, who maintained a close relationship with his parent.