Mason Greenwood will not continue at Manchester United


English striker Mason Greenwood and Manchester United have “mutually agreed” on the departure of the footballer, following the internal investigation carried out by the club, after the player was acquitted in February of this year of charges of rape and assault, according to a statement.

“All those involved, including Mason (Greenwood), recognize the difficulties for him to restart his career at Manchester United. It has therefore been mutually agreed that it would be most appropriate for him to do so away from Old Trafford, and we will now work with Mason to achieve that result”, announced the ‘Red Devils’.

The English club advances its decision on the future of the striker, after the entity started in February 2023, after all charges against Greenwood were dropped, an internal investigation. “At all times, we have taken into account the wishes, rights and perspective of the alleged victim, along with the rules and values ​​of the club, and we have tried to gather as much information and context as possible,” they explained.

“Based on the evidence available to us, we have concluded that the material posted online did not present a complete picture and that Mason did not commit the crimes with which he was originally charged. That said, as Mason has acknowledged publicly today, he has made mistakes for which he takes responsibility,” they added about their decision.

The English footballer was acquitted in February this year of charges of rape and assault against his girlfriend Harriet Robson, which had been weighing on him since last October, in the trial in which he has been involved since he was arrested in January 2022 and away from Manchester United.