That intense look of pride and tenderness from Queen Letizia to her daughter Leonor

Transcendental step in the military career of the Princess of Asturias. With the Flag Oath Leonor is a soldier in the Spanish Army. She signs her commitment to the defense of Spain. This Saturday, October 7, she starred in the most important ceremony of her professional life. She was not alone the heiress. 410 gentlemen and ladies cadets of her class have sworn with her. The event was held in a packed Parade Ground of the General Military Academy of Zaragoza under the presidency of Felipe VI and Doña Letizia. More than 2,500 guests. The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, also attended. A solemn day that leaves us with Doña Letizia’s intense look of pride and satisfaction at her daughter.

October is the month of Leonor. All It happens in a few weeks. All It is her swearing in of the Flag, her debut at the reception on October 12, her attendance at the Hispanidad parade as a lady cadet, the fifth ceremony of the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo and the swearing in of the Constitution on her 18th birthday. . The princess’s agenda is non-stop. In this context, her big day in the General has arrived. Two months have passed since she entered the Academy and now, through a kiss to the flag and a promise, she has completed a stage and will enter the second year.

Doña Letizia also prepares these events meticulously. We see her great looks of the year in October. For this first date, and given its military nature, the Queen usually opts for designs with a marked Spanish accent and in red or powder pink. On this occasion, we see a 360º style turn. She has chosen a simple light blue dress with a three-ruffle skirt and sash waistband from & Me Unlimited. A baby blue with country-style polka dots for a friendly, discreet and cheerful outfit that debuted last year.

Letizia has entered the Patio de Parade of the Academy with Don Felipe. After listening to the national anthem, the King reviewed the troops, among whom was his daughter Leonor for the first time. That moment, very emotional for both of them, and the promise, when the Princess kissed the flag, were the most intense moments. Her mother looked at her with great pride.

Soldier Leonor, 17 years old, completes this first stage that started two months ago. During the Zaragoza ceremony she has shown her confidence in her step, her resistance to the training that she carries behind her, also her perseverance and tenacity at work. “It will not be easy, but you have the capacity to overcome it,” declared the general director of the Academy, Manuel López Pérez.