Simeone: “Injuries? That’s what life is about: difficulties and solutions”


The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, has assured that he tries to find “solutions” to the “difficulties” they are going through in the form of injuries, and has warned of the danger of Real Sociedad, a “brave team” and with a “great collective work” and which they face this Sunday.

“It doesn’t affect me, it worries us and it concerns us. We get together to try to improve these types of situations, because that’s what life is about: difficulties, solutions. Solutions are achieved with work and with the best will,” he declared at a conference. press.

However, he refuses to “value” the large number of injuries suffered in recent weeks. “I’m just watching the game tomorrow,” she said. “We only think about trying to form the best team we can to take the game to where we think we can hurt them. We have the guys we have and we will take advantage of the option that each of them gives us,” he added.

He also confirmed the absence of the Argentine Ángel Correa. “Many had asked why Correa had not played against Feyenoord at the start; we understood that he was coming off a great effort and had pain in his knee. The other day, when he came on, he was not in the best shape. He will be left out of the squad and He will not participate in the Argentine national team either. Let’s hope he has time to recover and to continue contributing good things when it’s his turn,” he said.

In addition, the red and white coach hopes that the national team break will help them recover their strength. “The footballers handled it in the best way when we had to compete; we have made up for the lack of some teammates with a great collective effort and great work as a team. Now the break will come and we hope that they return well and that some can recover to have more options,” he said.

Regarding his maxim that ‘winning calls for winning’, ‘Cholo’ believes that it is important, but he recalled that they will have a rival in front of them who also arrives at a good time. “It is always important to have a good match situation because it gives you more peace of mind to continue improving on a day-to-day basis. Real Sociedad is in the same situation as us because it has won four or five games in a row,” he stressed.

“We are going to face a rival that plays very well, that has been growing year after year with the same coach, that has very clear ideas, that has a brave team and that proposes very good pressure in the rival field, that commits many fouls to cut the transitions and that will surely be repeated tomorrow. They have a great collective work and it is a pleasure to see Real Sociedad play,” he continued.

Finally, they believe that the San Sebastian team will be a tough opponent for the Champions League places. “They have shown it all these last years. They are converting their game into a process that is evolving more and more. The teams are growing and Real Sociedad is already there to fight for the ‘Champions’ places,” he concluded.