Teresa Urquijo claims Spain at her bachelorette party two months before her wedding with Almeida

Teresa Urquijo (27) celebrated her bachelorette party in Milan this weekend. The fiancée of the Madrid mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida (48), enjoyed an express trip with her friends, who have published some photographs of their plans in the Italian city on their social networks.

The aristocrat stayed in one of the luxury boutique hotelsowned by Enrique Sarasola Jr. and where Cristian Florez, husband of Luisa Bergelwho traveled with the girlfriend, as reported Vanitatis. Bergel, who is also close to Tamara Falcó, was the one who introduced the politician and the investment analyst.

Once they left the suitcases at the accommodation -In his luggage, Urquijo boasted about his country with a little bow from Spain-, they took a tour that lasted until around 5:00 a.m. As is natural for a bachelorette party, after visiting some places there was time to party.

The group, which He gave Urquijo a cowboy hat with the word Bride -in English, 'bride'-, had a drink in one of the best-known places in the Italian capital, the N'Ombra de Vin winery, an old underground winery. They then moved to the Japanese restaurant Ronin, which has a great selection of cocktails and even has karaoke.

When they finished dinner, they moved to the private club in the attic of the establishment, where they had what would be the first drink of the night before heading to the Apophis Club, one of the fashionable nightclubs located in the heart of Milan. Some of Urquijo's companions recorded videos and published them on TikTok so that there would be a good memory of the experience.

Two months until the wedding

The wedding between the Madrid mayor and the granddaughter of Teresa de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, cousin of the emeritus Don Juan Carlos, It will be held on April 6 at the Los Molinillos farm. The engagement party was held on this property, which belongs to the Urquijo family. There they exchanged gifts: roses, a jewel and a watch.

Mayor He threw the house out of the window and bought a gigantic bouquet of 70 red roses for his fiancee, a detail whose cost reached 350 euros and which he paid out of his own pocket. And he wasn't the only one, because the Madrid mayor exchanged the well-worn engagement ring for a fantastic vintage-style brooch that belonged to her family. Teresa Urquijo, for her part, maintained the tradition and treated her future husband to a high-end watch.

The bride and groom are immersed in the preparations for their big day. The face of the PP has spoken on several occasions and with great humor about the details: “The tables are a complicated and difficult situation.”But I hope that people put above the good news that a wedding is.

He is overwhelmed, but happy: “It is a very important day and I think it is a long-awaited day, but since I have talked about derbies, we go game by game. “There are three months left, there is a lot to do”he explained.