Terelu’s pain after feeling judged for auctioning her mother’s belongings: “What the f… is this?”

Since the matriarch of the Campos clan died on September 5, Carmen Borrego y Terelu Campos They have not been the same again. Almost two months after her death, they have faced one of the most difficult tasks of grieving: emptying their mother’s house. Some of her belongings, such as classic-style furniture and the occasional painting, will be auctioned at the same antique dealer that the Malaga journalist already went to in 2019 after putting her mansion in Molino de la Hoz up for sale.

Terelu has felt judged throughout these days: “I am very struck by all the interest that is generated around my sister and me. It’s like we’re the only people who have to dismantle a house after a mother dies.. I have the feeling that we are almost pushed to ask permission and we are required to communicate what we are or are not going to do with our mother’s things,” she writes on her blog. Readings this Wednesday.

In this sense, he explained that they have done something very normal: “How many personalities from the world of theater, cinema, communication or, in short, how many of the greats of our country have left this world, and I I have not seen that insistence that I am talking about in their relatives. I am talking about asking them for explanations of what they do or do not do with what their parents had in their homes. We are one more family of the millions that exist in this country or the hundreds of millions that exist around the world.“, he laments.

In this way, the eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos asks for a little empathy: “Anyone who has been through this situation knows that dismantling someone’s house is an unpleasant, sad or, rather, very sad moment., because it is full of very different situations and sensations. I’m talking, for example, about when you take a photo and it makes you smile because it reminds you of a beautiful moment or when you touch a piece of clothing and feel its absence.”

Despite not having to do so, he has given explanations: “My mother went from living in a large house of almost 1,000 m² to a normal apartment, neither too big nor too small. Enough to have the comforts she needed. Logically, they cannot be put the furniture from a chalet of that size into a smaller home. Hence, she had to get rid of many things. At that time, I did not see that anyone dared to ask her for explanations about what she was doing or not doing with her personal stuff”.

In this way, she ensures that both she and her sister have a very clear conscience: “We have only continued with his death what my mother already did with her previous house. We’ve only done that! And yet it seems that everyone is allowed to have an opinion on what we should do or not do. Not only that, because They also judge how we should do things and decide whether we should or should not stay.“.

Outraged, she has brought out all the rage she has inside: “What the hell is this? Whatever my sister and I have done or are doing is normal for two people. who have their houses furnished and their lives made. For everyone’s peace of mind, There hasn’t been the slightest problem between us., although surely some would have wished otherwise. Well, it hasn’t been like that!”

In this way, he adds: “We have not had any dispute about anything. Each of us was clear about what we wanted and, above all, what we could have from what our mother left behind.. We can’t fit all of my mother’s furniture into our houses because we don’t live in mansions. We live in very normal apartments, like the vast majority of people in this country, for those who have any questions“.

And he sentences with a forceful message: “Forgive me for repeating myself but, for everyone’s peace of mind, We have been left with what was sentimentally essential for us.. “It is enough of a shame to have to dismantle your mother’s house without, on top of that, adding the pain of public explanations.”

This Monday, a moving company showed up at the house where María Teresa lived her last years to remove all her belongings under the watchful eye of Carmen. The journalist from Malaga lived for rent in the Aravaca area, near Terelu. If they do not empty the house before next November 1, Terelu and Carmen would have to pay a new monthly payment of 2,500 euros.