Terelu: “I am a very sexual person, but I have found myself a lot clumsy”

Campos theme night. have him He has made a current and complete balance of his work life, sexual life, his loves, the state of his mother, Teresa Campos, and the arrival of his great-nephew. She has started the interview with the word “uncertainty”. And she has launched a mysterious: “I have a disordered heart and work.” She has been in Deluxe on Telecinco.

He has also talked about sex. She has started María Patiño letting fall that if the adventure, that if the purr, that the stability: “What do you say, what are you purring”. Terelu has said: “I was dead and now it seems that I am reviving a little bit. I am not dancing yet. Every once in a while I look… They looked at me, but I did not look. I let them in, but not at all. I’m not ready to be in an intimate relationship.”

“Are you afraid in bed? Make love?” Patiño told him. “But you’re a bit cool… I’ve always been a very sexual person, but I’ve found myself clumsy.” And he has ended his ‘sexual confessions moment’ with “I have always been very generous. I have given a lot.”