Terelu Campos warns Ana Rosa about what comes with the afternoons and talks about how her mother is

Terelu Campos he speaks to his pants off and tells that his mother “is fragile in all aspects”, warns Ana Rosa Quintana that “the public in the afternoon is not in the morning” and says that now he would not care much about infidelity if he had a partner.

In an interview published this Thursday in The world, the eldest of Maria Teresa Campos She defines herself as “generous, conformist, and much more of an asshole than people think.” Apology Save me destroyed the lives of many people and maintains that “there are many people who had already destroyed them and needed a culprit”.

He admits that it made him feel bad that they took away the program but he assures that he doesn’t care what it is Ana Rose whoever occupies that space but throws an open-handed zasca at the successor of Jorge Javier Vázquez: “I don’t know if the public in the morning is the one in the afternoon. I’ll leave it there,” he says. Terelu, two weeks away from turning 58, says that Jorge Javier “is fine now” but confirms that the end of the show “was a shock for everyone because it could have been done differently.” He also reveals that his mother is “very fragile in all aspects” and claims that María Teresa Campos (82) “never made programs for marujas, but for intelligent women who were in her house doing decent work.”

Pipi Estrada “is retarded”

Regarding her love life, she maintains that she is fine without a boyfriend, although she admits that there are days when she thinks otherwise. Regarding relationships, he says that he is “much more assholes than people think” and detracts from fidelity: “If I now had an established partner and the pot went off one night, the world would not fall. If it were something specific,” he says. Of pipi road He says that “he is retarded” and assures that he does not require a man to “have a body, but a mind”, although he admits that he did not always fall in love following that maxim: “I have had someone without a brain”. Terelu Campos reaffirms that he does not have sexual relations and assures that “sex is overrated.”

Terelu’s professional life goes through the recordings of the traveling spin-off that Netflix prepares with eight exes from Sálvame, their fixed collaboration in Lecturas magazine and some exclusives.