Leonor, very prepared for the three years of ‘military’: the Cortes counterprogram her entry into Zaragoza

Leonor is very ready to take this step. The Princess of Asturias has been preparing for it for years. Her path has been traced to the millimeter for this day. Her father, Felipe VI, will take her by the hand throughout this journey. For the heiress, the head of state is her guide and her beacon. Along with her, another 612 young people will enter the General Military Academy of Zaragoza this Thursday, August 17, 140 of them are women, according to Defense reports.

In Girona, on July 5, Leonor used these words: “I am about to start a new stage with a period of military training.” She qualified: “I’m happy.” And she finished: “It is an important moment in my life and I feel very excited.” That “I feel very excited” had a maximum impact. So that’s it. Admission to the Academy of Zaragoza (AGM) takes place this Thursday morning. It also coincides that this same day the Courts are constituted. The XV legislature begins with the constitution of the Table of Congress and the formation of the Government pending by a thread. We will see what repercussion this fundamental fact has and how it affects Leonor’s Constitution Oath.

This is the year of the Princess of Asturias. Turning point in her life, in her age and in her training. As of October 31, when she reaches the age of majority and due to her status as heir to the Throne, she will assume greater responsibility and weight in the Casa Real agenda. Every act she attends after her 18th birthday will carry the tagline of “the first time since she came of age”. Her passage through Zaragoza will conclude with her appointment as Dama Ensign Cadet.

A “hard and demanding” stage

There is contextualize this August 17. Leonor started this path in the Army. It will be three years of ‘military’ when for the rest of the cadets it is five. A concentrated course has been designed for her, which will last until 2025. “Comradeship” is one of the “fundamental values ​​at the AGM”, highlights the center’s director, Francisco José Gómez Ramos, who also stresses that this period will be ” tough and demanding.”

The first day

On her first day in Zaragoza, Leonor, like the rest of the cadet ladies and gentlemen in her promotion, has the support, backing and visit of her parents, Felipe VI and Letizia, and her sister, Sofía. With them, she is scheduled to tour the Academy facilities.

Three arrival orders have been established. From 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., for applicants for Joint Corps of the Armed Forces; from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., for aspirants to Official Scales; between 10:00 and 12:00 for the students of the General Corps of the Army.

The documents that the new students of the Academy must provide are: the DNI, the vaccination certificates, including that of the Covid; and the number of affiliation to the Social Security; and driver’s license (for those who have it).

Get your feet used to “hard shoes”

These first two weeks that are now beginning are the phase of reception, orientation and adaptation to military life. Afterwards, two more basic military training sessions await so that the cadets can acquire basic knowledge of military legislation and regulations. In addition to physical training and military instruction.

From the AGM they recommend to the promotion of the Princess, to avoid injuries, to carry out physical exercise, “especially organic resistance, with a minimum of 45 minutes of continuous running, at least three days a week”. Also, get your feet used to “wearing hard shoes.”

The touch of reveille is at 6:30 in the morning. In this phase of instruction, as combatants they will carry out marches, topographic tours, assault rifle shooting exercises, live fire exercises with weapons and exercises on the combat field. This instruction is completed during both day and night hours, regardless of weather conditions (cold, rain…).

The flag pledge

After the instruction phase, the first acts for Leonor arrive at the Academy. The first, on September 19: the delivery of sabers, which symbolizes her obtaining the title of lady cadet in the case of the Princess. In this act, a second-year student hands over a saber to a first-year student, as a sign of fellowship and guardianship.

The Jura de Bandera will take place on October 7, where the daughter of the Kings expresses her oath or promise to defend Spain, even at the cost of her own life, through a kiss on the insignia.

Captain General of the three armies

After Zaragoza, Leonor will travel to Marín. It will be her second year. At the Naval School in the town of Pontevedra, she will embark on the emblematic Juan Sebastián Elcano School Ship. In the Navy, the daughter of the Reyes enters as a Midshipman. She will complete her third year at the General Air and Space Academy in San Javier, Murcia, where she will join as Ensign Alumna. When she comes to the throne in the future, she will be Captain General of the three armies as the supreme command of the Armed Forces.