Terelu Campos breaks down in tears at the gates of the funeral home: “My mother will be cremated”

Terelu Campos y carmen borrego They have drawn strength from where they do not have this Tuesday and after five in the afternoon they have left at the doors of the Tres Cantos funeral home where the remains of their mother rest, who died at dawn on Tuesday, September 5. The daughters of Maria Teresa Campos They have thanked the respect and informative interest in the death of the veteran communicator with some heartfelt words.

“She would have wanted us to treat you with the love she has always had for you,” Terelu pointed out to the large number of media gathered. “We want to thank the media for their love and respect, we are very grateful,” Carmen added.

Terelu recalled that the last year has been especially complicated for the family due to the worsening state of her mother’s health: “We have lost one of the great professionals in this country, but we have lost our mother. It has been a It is a difficult and long road that we have tried to take with the greatest respect for her, knowing that what was happening to her was of public interest but that she deserved to have her dignity untouchable”.

In this sense, the presenter explained: “That is why we have always asked the media to preserve their image. We thought it was unnecessary moral damage. There are things that we must respect because we have all had mothers, fathers, we are children… In that sense, I know you have understood it”.

Terelu has a clear conscience because María Teresa has left surrounded by affection: “She has left with the affection of her daughters, her three grandchildren, her family and surrounded by love. Also that of her in-laws, José Carlos Bernal [marido de Carmen Borrego] and Alejandro Rubio, my ex-husband, who will always be in our lives. And people who have loved and cared for her like Leo and Gustavo”.

After a few words of gratitude from the sisters to the medical team of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, they explained that their mother’s remains will rest in Malaga and that they will be cremated “in the strictest privacy”: “She will rest in Malaga with her mother and with his brothers”, Terelu said.

At the gates of the funeral home they have also thanked the support received through social networks. Nor have they forgotten the personalities who have come to the Madrid funeral home, such as Pedro Sanchezthe Acting President of the Government: “To thank the President of the Government and the professionals of all the channels and the media who have had a minute to come here and say goodbye to her and wrap her up”.

Carmen has also assured that her mother would be proud of the farewell she is having: “This moment of affection and respect would fill her with emotion.” Terelu has broken down in tears and has not been able to contain the emotion at the end of her intervention.

Gustavo, the driver and trusted man of María Teresa, has also attended the media with great emotion: “My better half has left, we made a wonderful team. She was number 1, nobody stepped on a set like her. She was the The most generous woman in all aspects, as a mother, friend, partner, she gave everything. You asked her for something and she gave it to you for five, she offered herself”. You have to remember that Gustavo was like a son to the journalist.

The respected and admired journalist died at dawn this Tuesday at the age of 82 after being admitted this Sunday to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital due to acute respiratory failure. The last months of her life have been marked by the worsening of her state of health until reaching her sad outcome. Countless prominent personalities have come to the La Paz funeral home in Tres Cantos to wrap up their daughters and her relatives.