Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego wear necklaces with their mother’s ashes and give them to their loved ones

Terelu Campos y Carmen Borrego They resume their working life after the death of their mother Maria Teresa, who died a month ago. And although both have already sat in front of the cameras to continue their work, the Campos wear a heart-shaped necklace with the presenter’s ashes.

“Terelu and Carmen ordered a part of their mother’s mortal remains to be set aside. The objective was none other than to make these pieces of jewelry that they would always carry with them,” they reported this Friday from Look.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, the first trip that the Campos clan made with the necklace was in Malaga. Carmen and Terelu traveled to the capital of the Costa del Sol to say goodbye to her most illustrious neighbor at a funeral held in the church of San Pablo. It must be remembered that, hours before, they had fulfilled María Teresa’s last wish: to deposit her ashes in La Paloma to rest next to the grandmother Concepción and the Aunt Leli.

14 days later, the beloved journalist’s last goodbye took place in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). Among the attendees, well-known faces such as Rocio Carrasco y Martínez Almeida. At the massive funeral, Terelu and Carmen also wore the necklace in tribute to their mother.

Once the religious ceremony was over, a large part of the attendees went to dinner with the Campos clan at a well-known restaurant in the area. Just as published LookAt one point during the night, the little girl from Las Campos gave copies of the aforementioned necklace to María Teresa’s closest friends.