Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego arrive at the funeral home holding hands: they stand together in grief over the death of their mother

They have arrived at the La Paz Funeral Home, in Tres Cantos (Madrid), with their hands clasped tightly. They held on to each other, huddled together and kept silent. Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego approached a few minutes before 12:00 when the funeral chapel was opened in memory of their mother, María Teresa Campos.

Carmen has been seen a few minutes before, when she left her home in the capital, accompanied by her husband José Carlos and her daughter Carmen. She was very excited. She could barely get a word out.

Borrego and her sister Terelu have arrived at the funeral home together. With black looks as a sign of mourning and hiding their eyes behind sunglasses, they have entered the wake.

Upon arrival, they met Alejandro Rubio, Alejandra’s father. Terelu has melted into an affectionate embrace with her ex-husband. Alejandro has remained very close to the Campos family these days, he was even at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, where he visited Teresa. The businessman and Terelu have always maintained an excellent relationship.