Terelu and Carmen Borrego pocket 5,000 euros for their mother’s furniture: “It was a bargain auction”

Canvases, lamps, side tables, tables, chairs… The house of Maria Teresa Campos It was completely empty at the end of October, two months after the death of the brilliant communicator. The daughters moved all of their mother’s belongings to a well-known auction house in Madrid and the bidding began this Wednesday. In 48 hours, the eight pieces of furniture they presented have been sold.

However, the business has not been as profitable as expected: “It was a bargain auction, because the profit is only 5,000 euros”they have assured in TardeAR. And the fact is that the bids have barely exceeded the starting price, with few exceptions. For example, the dining table set with ten gold lacquered chairs that we were able to see during the Campos reality show has gone from the initial 600 euros to the final 1,200. The tables in the main bedroom have had worse luck, for which they have only received an extra 25 euros (from 350 euros to 375).

The auction is not completely closed, as there is still one painting for which, at the moment, no one has shown interest. For this reason, neither Terelu nor Carmen Borrego have been informed of the provisional result but the latter reiterates, as she did in her day, that they have not auctioned her mother’s furniture for money: “We don’t have room, we all have our houses set up and we don’t know where to keep them. So other people can continue enjoying them,” he said.