Ter Stegen's recovery slows down

Marc André Ter Stegen is in the middle of his rehabilitation. Doctors predicted, after undergoing surgery to undergo arthroscopy of the patellar tendon in his right knee on August 18, a period of two and a half months to return to the pitch. In fact, The German goalkeeper had set the Real Madrid game at the Camp Nou, scheduled for the weekend of October 25, as the ideal date to get back to the team. However, these deadlines could be modified at the end and not precisely for the benefit of the goalkeeper's interests.

And it is that, as you have learned ACE, the German goalkeeper is having trouble progressing according to the set deadlines: he has not been able to work normally for a few weeks because his knee systematically swells when he accumulates several physiotherapy sessions with Xavi Linde, having to stop for a day or two so that the swelling in his right knee subsides and he can continue to advance in his rehabilitation. In fact, specialists advise going with the handbrake on in the case of the patellar tendon because it is an injury considered, in the slang of sports trauma, as “treacherous”.

This situation leaves right now in the air the possibility that Ter Stegen could reach the Classic. In fact, to this day it points more to return in mid-November than at the end of October. If it is finally confirmed that he did not advance his return, the goalkeeper would miss six LaLiga matches (Villarreal, Celta, Sevilla, Getafe, Real Madrid and Alavés) and three of the Champions League (still with rivals to be specified) in the best of the cases.

So that, Ronald Koeman will have to fully trust Brazilian goalkeeper Neto for the start of the season. A goalkeeper who barely had continuity last season: the team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Cup, as well as in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup, while in the rest of appearances, both in the League and in the Champions League. , His presence was punctual.