La Real gets 100 million for its last European defense

The defense used by Real Sociedad in its last European participation costs 100 million euros. It is the amount that the txuri-urdin club has obtained from the sale of the four defenders that formed the starting defense of the realistic team trained by Eusebio Sacristán in that 2017-18 season, in which he participated in the group stage of the Europa League the last time.

Right back Álvaro Odriozola left first, who made his debut with Eusebio after his brilliant debut in the first realistic team. The donostiarra it was sold the following season for 32 million euros to Real Madrid. Then came the bombshell of the unexpected march of Íñigo Martínez to Athletic Bilbao, who paid the 32 million euros of his clause rescission. At the end of that same season, Real Sociedad sold Paris Saint Germain to left-back Yuri Berchiche for 16 million of euros. And now he has just undertaken the transfer of center-back Diego Llorente for 20 million euros to Leeds United, the team coached by Marcelo Bielsa.

Total, with the sale of the rear with which Real participated in the Europa League in the 2017-18 season, Real has earned 100 million euros, of which almost all are clean, because only for Llorente he had to pay to sign him, six million euros to Real Madrid. Odriozola and Íñigo were at the Zubieta quarry. And Yuri arrived after his successful assignment at Eibar. With that defense, Real Sociedad completed a spectacular group stage of the Europa League, in which they were eliminated against Salzburg in a very close tie. The other defender used this season, Raúl Navas, went to Osasuna for a testimonial amount of 250,000 euros.