Ter Stegen alarm !: the operating room option wins integers

Right now there is a internal debate at the club on what to do with Ter Stegen when the Champions League ends. And we are not referring to the theme of renewal – a soap opera that is lengthening due to the high eeconomic demands goalkeeper-, but by the problems that keeps dragging on the patellar tendon of the right leg.

Recall that, earlier in the year, the player underwent growth factor therapy with mother cells to solve these annoyances. For almost three weeksTer Stegen completed an intense treatment in order to mitigate these pains what prevented jumping and blocking the ball in comfort.

Well, after a parenthesis of several months without discomfort, and as AS has learned, the pains have returned to reappear. So much so that the club is seriously evaluating that the German goalkeeper go through the operating room nothing else finish the Champions to definitively solve this complex situation.

To the goalkeeper you miss a bit behind the decision to go under the knife because doctors have predicted a time of no less than three to four months to come back to the playing fields. That means, speaking in silver, that, in the Best of cases, wouldn't be back until December of this year. A situation that Ter Stegen does not want to even contemplate let alone with a renewal so important in the hands.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

In any case, it will not be until later of their participation of Barcelona in the Champions when you take the definitive decision. It will also depend on the sensations you will have had during the European competition, although today nobody assures you that those discomfort don't come back, and with even more intensity, in the future.

The negative Samuel Umtiti's going through the operating room and its subsequent negative consequences on his left knee is one of the tricks that the doctors of the club count for convince the goalkeeper German convenience of surgery.