Tennis and paddle tennis ask for doubles to be played in Phase 2

The RFET and the Spanish Paddle Federation have submitted a consultation to the CSD so that this body considers the possibility of playing the doubles modality in Phase 2 of de-escalation. Consider the RFET that the width of a tennis court (600 square meters) It would allow four people to be inside the facility without risk of breaking the two-meter security distance imposed by the Government.

In the case of paddle tennis, the FEP considers that the players can perfectly maintain that minimum distance of 2m, playing each member of the couple within its grid.

Tennis clubs in Spain, more than 1,200, have in this form of play (doubles) one of their main social and sports activities and not allowing its implantation can suppose serious economic damages to these entities. As for paddle tennis, we are talking about nearly 4,000 facilities throughout Spain that would be at serious risk if they were not allowed to open normally.