Kubo: birthdays thinking of Mallorca, Barça and Madrid

Take Kubo Thursday 19 years ago, a very special birthday because it is also the first anniversary of June that began to change his life. In 2014, the FIFA sanction on Barcelona took him out of the culé quarry and made him return to Japan, having to wait until he came of age, in 2019, to redirect his future. When the time came, to the general surprise and pitch of Real Madrid, the boy opted for the Bernabéu instead of the Camp Nou. “I could choose and I chose Madrid”, recently explained in AS.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Kubo, warned for having been involved in FIFA's punishment of Barça, He outlined his return to Europe after the 18 candles were blown. He had plenty of suitors and opted for Madrid, deciding months after his transfer to accept an offer from Mallorca to debut in First. Raúl wanted him at Castilla, but Take soon showed his personality: from the impudence in games and training on the tour with the first team, to not settle for staying in Valdebebas and appearing in society in the Santander League.


In Mallorca it was difficult for him to settle, Vicente Moreno being a staunch of the majority of veterans that took him to First from Second B. The international stops with Japan did not help either, that for the duration of the trips they forced him to rejoin the group the last one, as his coach has regretted on several occasions. But Kubo has made an important niche: He is already the 11th player in minutes (1,521) of the squad and, despite registering a lower participation than the rest of the team's key players, he is at the top of the maximum assistants (3) and fourth in the scoring chapter (3) . Extending the focus to the entire League, its statistics are also significant: it equals Messi's dribbling average (5.4 per game), is 10th in fouls received (46) or 27th in innings won (16) …

Shield / Flag Mallorca

Moreno himself praised him in Stadium Study during confinement: “We are delighted. I always tell him Old Kubo because he is a boy who is very mature for his age, he has very clear ideas, apart from the quality he treasures, which is something that is obvious. Then he is a player who wants to be a very important footballer. Today is totally different from the one that arrived, has improved many aspects and has been guided. I wish you a very good future. “

Mallorca-Barça, permanence, Real Madrid …

In Madrid they follow this growth very closely. They are aware that a good part of the weight of the permanence of a whole Mallorca falls right now on Kubo's back, despite his age and the fact that it is his premiere in the elite clubs. In the Balearic entity, second to last, the analysis is the same. So the footballer, for whom Many teams from Spain and Europe are calling the Bernabéu, he has between eyebrows to achieve that goal, without distractions. Resumption additionally saves you a powerful incentive: it will be against Barça, whom he visited in December with a commented pipe to Messi.

After receiving his team on Saturday the 13th and striving until July to save Mallorca, Kubo will get down to business with his other great goal: stay in Madrid. It is his priority and he is going to stick with it in the next preseason. It is a very complex mission because Zidane has the full quota of non-community members, but Take, at 19, is sure of his possibilities …