Tello: “Any player wants to be a starter”

Tello He regained ownership this past Sunday and played against Atlético his first league game since the beginning so far in 2021 and the second in the last four and a half months, since since he played the seventh in a row against Eibar last 30 November, Manuel Pellegrini stopped counting on the Catalan winger and Joaquín – also a starter on Sunday – on a regular basis. Tello corresponded to the trust placed by scoring the goal of the Betic tie, the fifth of the season and the first to score since the double against Elche on November 1.

“I am very happy to return to the starting position, which I haven't had for a long time, and with the double joy of also scoring a goal. And very happy too, especially for that point against Atlético, which is one of the most difficult rivals in Spain and throughout Europe. The important thing was to add to be able to continue in the fight for Europe ”, Tello has indicated in an interview on RTV Betis.

The loss of Borja Iglesias, who also does not seem to be going to reach the clash against Valencia, made Pellegrini devise an eleven without a born forward, with Fekir and Joaquín more advanced and more offensive responsibility for Ruibal and Tello from the wings. “At the extremes, the coach asks us to give the team depth, not to be afraid to play it to try to create danger and to be involved in the game when we do not have the ball to help in defense. On Sunday, as he did not have a '9' reference, he asked Aitor and me to enter the auction zone more than normal. Alex put in a very good cross and luckily I was able to score. This is what the coach was looking for, because Atlético defends very well and not having a '9' reference could make it more difficult for them, ”explained Tello.

Tello is not satisfied with the role of revulsive that he has usually played at Betis and throughout his career. “Any player wants to always be a starter and feel important by regularly starting at the beginning. I had been working well every week and I knew it was a matter of time before the opportunity to get out of the starting position came. It arrived and luckily I was able to score a goal that served to add a very important point, although there were chances to win … and to lose too ”, recalled Tello.

Praise to Pellegrini despite his substitution

Despite being a regular substitute, Tello has no complaint about Pellegrini: “The coach has been very noticeable. His experience, his hand … he is highly respected for his career, he has made a good start in the dressing room and with him we have taken a step forward ”. The Catalan winger appreciates the improvement that has occurred in the team this season, with almost the same players who finished 15th last: “The team has also responded. Being almost the same squad, we have all been very aware that last year we had not lived up to what was required of us, now we are performing at a good level and we hope to take that last step towards the goal ”, trusting in take advantage of these “eight finals that remain”, although he admits that “the squad misses the fans a lot and it is a shame not to have them in these games”.