“I wanted to show that I could be a LaLiga Santander goalkeeper”

Jeremiah Conan Ledesma, goalkeeper of the Cadiz, he attended the official media of the club to take stock of the current season, his first campaign in a European team. The goalkeeper affirms that the team is doing a good job and is confident of permanence: “We cannot be wrong, but I am very confident with the group that exists.” Ledesma also spoke about his experience with the Argentine Olympic team: “It was very nice; I would love to go to the Olympics.”

Shield / Flag Cádiz

The team. “I see the team very well, we are in the final stretch already and I see it well, so I think we have been doing it in the best way. With bumps, like all teams in this sport, but I think that today we are in a very favorable position. “

Season balance. “Very good in the first half, with a cushion of points that helped us to endure the bad streak at the start of the second half. We never got into relegation position, and that I think was very important, the bad streak was taken forward. , the team adapted to the second season and today we are in a fairly favorable position to achieve the goal. “

Personal plane. “You always have moments of all kinds. There are good moments, others in which mistakes are made and others that shine. This is in the goalkeeper's position and I am aware of it. If I have to do an analysis of what is going of the championship I feel quite positive. I am very happy for this first season of mine in Spain “.

Moments of the season. “The victory against Real Madrid, the victory against Barcelona as well, it was also all the people of the club and they could feel part of it. The game in Bilbao was very important to me because it was my debut here in Spain, we had also lost, It was a very special court and they were very beautiful moments that I will never forget. “

Learning. “I have learned a lot of things. When it comes to analyzing myself on video, one always improves and it shows. When you face the best you have to improve necessarily because if you don't stay behind, you have to empower yourself as usual. say. I think I changed a lot of things in my tackle and they were positive. “

Announcement with the Selection. “I describe it as something beautiful, unique. My first call was very surprising for me, a joy. I was an active part on the field in Japan with the Olympic team and that was a unique sensation.”

Most experienced player in the Olympic National Team. “I am very happy to be the player with the most experience due to my age. It was very nice for me to play these two friendlies. It is a decision of the Federation, of the coach, but I would love to go to the Olympic Games. No one takes away the experience. , for me it was something unique because representing my country is the most beautiful thing there is. “

Complicated start. “The first game I missed due to covid, in the second I was negative but I trained two days before and in the third I had no record. I was motivated being in Spain, my motivation was to be up to the task, to show that I could be a LaLiga goalkeeper Santander “.

Fight for salvation. “I see the fight of permanence well. We have some key dates for us. We have to know how to overcome all situations, we are going to achieve all kinds of results. We cannot be wrong, that is clear, but I am very confident with the group that exists. We are all very focused so that Cádiz continues in First “.

Atmosphere. “He has a good atmosphere because he has joy. If we had a more complicated dressing room, at the time we reap defeats with great wins, it would have been difficult to reverse the situation. By having a happy and united dressing room, the situation could be moved forward and put the bad things behind us. back. It's the best thing about this wardrobe. “

The absence of the fans. “It's a shame. Everyone here tells me that our fans are very warm, very beautiful, and hopefully soon the public can come on the field. The reality is that people are missed. It is ugly to see the empty field. we are dedicated to providing a show, feeling that people get angry, sad, happy, sing with us “.