Televisions prepare images of Juan Carlos I, 86, for when he dies

Juan Carlos I, 86, is in good health. He suffers from some mobility problems, due to his age and his knee, hip and Achilles tendon replacement operations and his heart surgery, but he feels fine. However, the emeritus, from his exile in Abu Dhabi, is concerned about how to organize his death.

Don Juan Carlos is worried that this will happen in the Emirates, where he has been living since August 2020. His goodbye has become one of his obsessions, according to what he publishes The digital confidential, which also ensures that television stations have resorted to their respective graphic archives to prepare images of the former State official for their specials.

Elizabeth II’s ‘Operation London Bridge’ in Bourbon version

The emeritus is also concerned about where the funeral will be held, how it will be celebrated and how to organize that last farewell. As the Operation London Bridge of Isabel II in Bourbon version. The then queen of England, who died at the age of 96 in 2022, began designing this operation in the 1960s. It was a plan, perfectly millimetered, that included every step that had to be taken after her death. On September 8 of that year, marked in the protocol as D-day, she started that London Bridge, which concluded with the sovereign’s funeral on September 19 at Westminster Abbey before world heads of state and European royalty. The Kings of Spain attended the religious service and there shared a bench with Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía. They claim that following the funeral of Elizabeth II, the former monarch began to reflect on it.

Due to his status as king emeritus and being part of the Royal Family, Juan Carlos I is entitled to a state funeral. As the capital general of the three reserve armies, he is also accorded military honors of his rank.