Tebas: “LaLiga, for good and bad, is a sounding board”


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has stated that “for good and bad” this football competition “is a sounding board”, following his participation in the ‘Combating Hate Speech in Sports’ conference. , whose nerve center this Wednesday was the Spanish Congress of Deputies.

“LaLiga has a double responsibility. The first is that hate speech does not occur in its environment, to which we add that what happens within the scope of LaLiga, for good and bad, is a sounding board that goes very far in society,” said Tebas after speaking at this international conference to outline the main lines of action of the organization he presides over.

Tebas highlighted the progress in preventing, detecting, locating and reporting racist insults at football matches to the police thanks, among other things, to technological resources to control the behavior of spectators. “We have identified racist shouts during the same match and its author before the match ended and he could leave the stadium,” he explained.

Finally, he pointed out as a decisive aspect to “reach the highest level of control and reporting of hateful behavior” the fact of having a strategy, in addition to internal communication actions (players, coaches, fans, etc.) and external (media), listening tools on social networks and institutional collaboration.