Felipe VI’s funniest afternoon without Letizia: in Las Ventas and with Fran Rivera

The Madrid bullring has become the epicenter of the national festival on the occasion of the San Isidro Fair. This Wednesday, they also celebrated one of the most special days of the program: the traditional La Prensa bullfight. They have done it with an exceptional spectator: the King Felipe VI, which although it does not spread too much in the world, usually has some gesture at this time. With a gray suit and a huge smile, the monarch has arrived at Las Ventas and has been received by the authorities in charge of accompanying him on the day: Isabel Diaz Ayuso y Martínez Almeida to the bullfighter Frank Riverawho has occupied the authorities’ box as a special guest and bullfighting advisor.

Paquirri’s son has shown off his extensive knowledge in the world of bullfighting to offer the king a complete experience but he has also brought out his well-known sense of humor, with which he has delighted the monarch. The king, who was cheered and applauded upon his arrival to the box, has greatly enjoyed his company and has shown the most carefree and fun side of him, laughing out loud. They were also accompanied by Minister Luis Planas and the journalist Mary Kingpresident of the APM.

On the poster, Paco Ureña and Borja Jiménez, who have offered their bulls to the king: “Let him defend Spain as we need him,” said the first. “He is going for you and for the Monarchy and for Spain,” celebrated the second. Among the attendees, Juan del Val and Ortega Cano.

The presence of the king at the bullfights is not common (Letizia’s, with a couple of exceptions while she is still a princess, is non-existent) but he strives to have details with the businessmen of the world. Since his proclamation in 2014, Don Felipe has attended Las Ventas eight times to enjoy a bullfighting afternoon and has been received with cheers and applause by the more than 20,000 fans that the plaza hosts. He has not inherited his father’s passion for the national holiday, a hobby that he did transmit to Doña Elena and she, in turn, to her children, Froilán and Victoria Federica. Precisely, the infanta will be in charge of presiding over the Charity bullfight on the 9th in the absence of her brother, who cannot attend due to scheduling problems.